Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mexican Potluck

Along with three other couples we were at Irv and Nancy's last night. Actually the women were there most of the afternoon and we men drifted in later. We've been seeing this group since all of our now grown children were in pre-school or yet unborn. It's nice, even though I drank a lot of wine and I talked too much, they were still kind and polite. These people have fed us, cared for us in bad times, even housed us when we needed it. I appreciate all of them and just want to say thanks for past 25 years. 


Anonymous said...

Gunnar, When you are with the Irv and Laurie brothers you can never talk too much..

Gunnar Berg said...

I seems as if Deepwaters Laurie talks less and less and quieter and quieter as the years go by. Maybe I'm just deafer.