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Friday, April 1, 2011

Steve Goodman

This is for Tom Sanders, who says of the late Mr.Goodman, "... the guy which , to my mind , was the best of the singer songwriter acoustic guitarists."... "Twice I’ve been able to sit on the floor in a room while he sang the night away…what a treat that was!" This is a very clean sounding early performance:


Oldfool said...

I like Goodman but I really like the song. The City of New Orleans is still running and having wrecks. I hope to ride it before I die.
For me and I'm not really qualified to comment is that Arlo Guthrie did the best version of the song. Guthrie and Goodman are contemporaries.

Gunnar Berg said...

Arlo's version was okay, but I want to hear the writer sing the song. Arlo fails almost totally on what is my primary love - songwriting, rather listening to it, not actually doing.

Oldfool said...

Steve wrote a good song. Poetry that rings true for those of us who have ridden the railroad but Arlo interprets it better for me.
Once the song is out there the writer no longer matters. The song has it's own life.
To each his own.