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Friday, January 1, 2010

And T-Bone Still Again

I was going to post George and Tammy, but the posted versions of Take Me are not great. Too bad. It's a wonderful piece of music, even more effective without the distraction of looking at Nudie Cohen suits or bleached blond big hair. Tammy Wynette had a number one with it, but the version with George Jones is better. Really beautiful and poignant when you think about their thunder and lightning marriage.

So, okay sports fans, here's what I mean about genius. T-bone takes a delicate voiced little bluegrass singer and combines her with a raspy old Led Zeppelin dropout, locks them in a room together and won't let them out until they sing his arrangement of a song by quirky folk John Prine. It's heavy on the pedal steel, but it's certainly not country. Or rock. It's a piece of magic. It's T-Bone.

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