Friday, January 22, 2010

Historic 7-Eleven

For your perusal, pulled down from the dusty rafters of our West Coast correspondent, Jack "Silk Hope" Gabus.

"I have this in the rafters in the garage, a bit of cycling history. This is Jeff Pierce's frame or I should say whole enchilada. I got this on ebay 5 years ago, one of my cherished pieces. Jeff was the first American to win the last stage in the TDF. These frames are kind of funny, very heavy for a racing frame, but seem to go on their own inertia. Smooth as silk and the ol' Dura Ace works like a champ. Wolber at that time must have been giving away tires because their logo shows up on Raleigh, Huffy (Serotta) and Merckx. Maybe that is why they no longer exists."


Anonymous said...

Nice...Pepe's old sled is looking good. That is a great example of what a classic stage-racing bicycle used to be. I always liked the Merckx's...owned a few. They were nicely laid back and tough as nails.


Rick "I don't play hockey" Moffat

Gunnar Berg said...

I've alway's thought a Merckx in the Molteni livery would be fun. Unfortunately, I never quite got around to making enough money for all the bikes I would like.

Too bad you don't play hockey. Keep your stick on the ice anyway.

Jonny Hamachi said...

Merckx in 7/11 livery has always been on my list.

Justine Valinotti said...

Great bike, though I never cared much for the paint job. I used to refer to it as "ketchup and pickles."

The New Jersey Devils' jersey has the same color scheme and rather similar graphics. It's one of the reasons I cold never be a fan of that team.

Jonny Hamachi said...


Ketchup and Pickles.

Anonymous said...

I always preferred Molteni to 7/11, but it begs the question whether a sausage bike is more appetizing than a slurpee bike.

Mark said...

I rode home from work yesterday (saturday in a busy inner suburb bike shop in Brisbane, Australia) had a shower and sat down with a cold beer (hi 90's down here) and started to peruse the usual set of great blogs that i keep up with.
I get to 1410 and broad smile breaks out, the bike i've just carefully parked downstairs, not 10 minutes before is 1990ish (not too sure yet) Merckx, full SLX 'Corsa Extra' in Tutti Fritti colours. Equipped with the slightly later Dura Ace than Jeff's bike, mine has dual pivot brakes but the levers are the early ones with the solid backs.
It is a fabulous bike to ride, it handles so well, still stiffer than a few of my other newer steel bikes, similar to the 2010 Bianchi Infinito, used to get work lunch on from time to time. It is joy to ride, all in all a very euro bike feel. I don't ride it much because i want the pristine condition to last, but every once and while on a nice saturday morn, the tyres get pumped and she gets to stretch her spokes.
If you guys don't like the 'ketchup and pickles' scheme jump to Google Images and put in Merckx, Tutti Frutti and have a look at the 'Tears for Gears' pix and the Puncheur pix.......the 80's have a LOT to answer for.
(though, i do kinda like it now)

Keep up the blogging Gunnar.

Gunnar Berg said...

Thanks Mark, and thanks Silky Jack for the ammo.

Echelon said...


Pictures please! of your Merckx.


Mimbres Man said...

An Eddy Merckx has always been my dream road bike...that and a Ciocc because I like the spelling...
Actually, when I bought my Bridgestone, several people told me that the Bridgestone's geometry was heavily influenced by Merckx's bicycles.
Anyway...killer bike! Now I have bicycle envy!