Oakwood owl counting
pilgrims at the Stryx end gate,
"Whooo passes this night?"

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Minnesota Vikings

I have no idea who these kids are, but what the hell, they're cute.

This afternoon I watched the Vikings beat the Cowboys 34-3. It was a nail-biter, as I had an extremely large wager on the Vikings by 30. Favre came through with a score-jacking touchdown in the waning seconds, just to piss off the Cowboys and save to my finances from further ruin. Go Brett. Actually I have only bet on a sporting event once in the past 20 years, and I still owe my brother-in-law five bucks on that one.


Margadant said...

So you're the reason they went for that final touchdown. . .

Nice to see Bud Grant again.

Gunnar Berg said...

Nice to see Prince up in the stands too.

Justine Valinotti said...

I don't know much about football. But I love the Vikings' uniforms!

Anonymous said...

Margadant is right: it was nice to see Bud Grant again. In fact, it was the best part of the game. Can you imagine what would have happened to Bret Favre if Bud Grant had told him to sit out the rest of the game a couple of weeks ago and he refused. Dex

Mimbres Man said...

May the best team win on Sunday.

Geaux Saints!
(its in my blood...my dad was a Cajun from Acadia Parish.)

Gunnar Berg said...

Barin(Mim), A quick check of Venezuelan Football, particularly the Venezuelan National Team, helps me understand your attachment to an American style football team a bazillion miles from you, from a place where you've never lived. THE BURGUNDY have never qualified for the World Cup? Ever?
Yeah, Geaux Saints!

Mimbres Man said...

futbol (soccer) is new to Venezuela. Its a baseball country. No, they've never qualified as far as I know. They call themselves "Vino tinto". Chavez wanted to change the color of the uniforms but either tradition won out or the sanctioning body wouldn't allow it. I am not sure what happened.

Sorry for the double entry...why I deleted it.