Oakwood owl querying
Pilgrims at the journey gate,
Whooo will pass this night?

Monday, January 4, 2010

One From Out In Left Field

And here comes the throw... ooooo, it misses the cutoff man and it's up the line by 6 feet. The runner is safe standing up. But hey, it's fun - ukulele music with vocal juggling.

I like the first singer. Low voice. An English Alto. Who? Maybe
Marianne Faithfull?
Then I thought, Cleo Laine? Naw, not even close. But we can always
use a little Cleo Laine in our lives anyway. Here with her soulmate,
John Dankworth.

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Margadant said...

I heard a cut from Marianne's new record last month, and while I decided that I would pass on it, it is impossible not to observe, "Vive la Mature Woman."