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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snuggie™ Adventures

During the holidays Ad's friend, XXXXX was over a couple of times. She's a great kid. Well, young lady now I suppose. She was sitting curled up on the sofa wrapped up in a throw when she blurted out, "I wish I had my Snuggie here. Did I tell about getting picked up in my Snuggie by the cops ?" Huh? Ah no, what happened? "I was driving the car in my zebra print Snuggie when I got pulled over by the cops. They thought I'd been drinking. It was so embarrassing. They made me get out of the car and walk a straight line wearing my zebra Snuggie." (Picture that.) Why didn't you just take it off? "Well, I couldn't do that." Oh.
While amused, I was not really surprised. She has been known to take an occasional drink now and then. The really amazing part is ... she passed. Just a warning for driving while too comfortable.

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Mimbres Man said...

If she had been driving a vintage VW micro-bus, the police would had been merciful and tolerant...maybe.