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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Through the Looking Glass

When I was in school I was forever getting my ass in a sling for drawing pictures - cartoons and caricatures of students and teachers. At that time my idol was Mort Drucker, who did drawings for Mad Magazine. He was, or is, a splendid artist, able to capture people with minimal strokes of the pen. After I moved into the working world, I continued to do sketches of my co-workers. Eventually I had to quit when actual work got in the way. While I quit sketching, I still admire draftsmanship and real edgy political cartoons. Ralph Steadman continues to be a favorite. In 1973 he published an illustrated Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. I don't know what one of these is worth, but the 2003 re-issue is $684.13 on Amazon. Lorna says we cannot afford a $684.13 book, and I will have to settle for the $13.57 paperback. (sigh)

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Anonymous said...

oddly enough, my daughter and I are rereading Thru the Looking Glass now. It has been a while and it seems strangely new. I think we'll probably stick with the Tenniel drawings, but thanks for this info!