Monday, January 18, 2010

Blue Skies Smilin' At Me

The weather has moderated some so I'm having a chance to work on this winter bicycling thing. Albert Lea is situated between two lakes and the traffic flows are dictated by them. To get any place I have ride part way around Fountain Lake. Today when the temperature was in the mid 20 s with just a slight breeze, it was a joy. It brought the ne'er-do-wells and layabouts up off their sofas and down to the fish houses. Their joy. When it's frigid and the wind howls across the lake with nothing to slow it down, it's a bitch. A bitch with very sharp teeth.

At the intersection of Jazz Vocals and West Texas. Some performers try to reproduce the sound of the original recording. Mr. Nelson's songs continually evolve - the phrasing, the melody, in some cases the lyrics. I suspect it's out of boredom and pent up creativity. Also, there some nice harp by Mickey Raphael.


Margadant said...

Do they still put an ice road in from the Northside beach over to the Shoreland Heights beach?

Gunnar Berg said...

No, and they will give you a ticket if you're not on a way to a house. God only knows what they would do if you slid a car sideways all over the lake at midnight. I guess they might have frowned on that when we did it if they could of caught us.