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Friday, May 7, 2010

Big Sid and the Vincati

You guys that have been around here awhile will remember Matt Bibermann and his book Big Sid's Vincati. I just got this note from him. Every writer's dream - his book is sold out!

"Hey Gunnar,

Holy shit--Sam's Club picked BSV as 1 of 3 Father's Day books and bought the entire first run. I only found out because I whined for my 30 author copies and that's when editorial found out that dog of a book--was sold out!

I got a shot! Thanks for the support and friendship!"

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Anonymous said...

A few years ago I looked over my old training logs, and estimated the miles I spent training, commuting to work, various rides I have done that I never logged, and conservatively estimated that I have pedaled over 150,000 miles. Like you, I love motorcycles, especially old performance bikes like Vincents and Ducatis, but I have probably ridden less than 10 miles on a half dozen motor bikes (including mini-bikes, which hardly qualify) in my entire life! I don't know if it's because I spend so much time on the kind you pedal, or something else, but it is rather curious. -Tony