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Monday, May 17, 2010

The New War Between Science and Religion

There is a new war between science and religion, rising from the ashes of the old one, which ended with the defeat of the anti-evolution forces in the 2005 "intelligent design" trial. The new war concerns questions that are more profound than whether or not to teach evolution. Unlike the old science-religion war, this battle is going to be fought not in the courts but in the arena of public opinion. The new war pits those who argue that science and "moderate" forms of religion are compatible worldviews against those who think they are not.         More for people who have time to think about these things.


Anonymous said...

Interesting article. Thanks.

Echelon 133 said...

Oh gawd here we go again. I think I'll go ride my bike.


Gunnar Berg said...

Jack "it's either bikes or beer" Gabus.

Echelon 133 said...

I put the beer on the shelf for awhile also.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks you protest too much!