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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Which Law & In Failure

Across Oakwood Bay to the north is a shady lakeside park with picnic tables, a pavilion and a band shell. On summer Sunday afternoons local garage bands play in the band shell and the music carries across the water to our backyard. Our answer to Muzak. Albert Lea has a fairly large Hispanic population, going back to migrant workers in the 1930s. One of the bands that used to play on the sultry Sunday afternoons was Los Lobos Del Norte, a band modeled after Los Tigres Del Norte, a popular Norteno band. I believe Norteno is similar to Tejano, except without the American rock influence ..... but I could be entirely wrong about that. Whatever, it's good music and I wish I could understand more of the lyrics.

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Addendum: I just read that Los Tigres have sold 34 million records. A lot of records.


Anonymous said...

Don't come here often...but reading your post today makes me a bit nostalgic from my days living "on the lake"...though we didn't benefit as you do, from the music from the park...though back then I don't think that happened. Maybe living there now it would waft over to that area as well.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think the lyrics on that first one translate pretty much the same anywhere in the world.

Gunnar Berg said...

Where did you live?