Friday, May 14, 2010

Minnesota Craft Beer Week

May 17-23.  While we may not have as many brewers as Portland for instance, we have a few. My nephew Chris "Beer Boy" Anderson travels a lot for business. He just spent a round in Florida and Georgia. He said when he was in a restaurant and asked for a local beer, he was offered a Budweiser which had been bottled somewhere in the area. Not only were there no local crafts, there were no craft beers at all.  Gentlemen, if you have good local beer, don't take it for granted. Thank your beer gods. Current members of the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild:

August Schell Brewing Co.
Barley John's Brew Pub
Boathouse Brew Pub
Brau Brothers Brewing Co.
Cold Spring Brewery
Fitger's Brewhouse
Flat Earth Brewing Co.
Granite City Brewing
Great Waters Brewery
The Herkimer
Lift Bridge Beer Co.
McCann's Food & Brew
Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery
Rock Bottom Brewery
Summit Brewing Co.
Surly Brewing Co.
Vine Park Brewing Co.

I just noticed that Lake Superior Brewing is not represented. An anti-social bunch I guess. Their Oatmeal Stout is as good as any I've ever had. 


Echelon 133 said...


Surly brewing. If you buy a 6 pack do you get a frame with that?


Gunnar Berg said...

While both are based here, there is no connection between Surly and Surly. Offhand I'd say the beer is better than the bikes, although a lot of people like the bikes.