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Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Day Around Fountain Lake

A loop around Fountain Lake. Windy with intermittent sun and clouds. We may not have Japanese Cherries around the Tidal Basin, but we have flowering crabs around a mud-bottomed prairie lake. We play the cards we're dealt. And some days that's just fine.

There is a paved bike path all the way around, approximately 5 miles, either sidewalk or multi-use path (8' wide paved) through the natural area. It can be seen along the edge of the cemetery photo. We like to give our dead folks a pleasant vista. It's not like they can move if they don't like the view.

 I deviate from the trail and take the gravel Shoreland road. It'll slow you down, but sometimes slow is good. We take for granted the Oakwood lower loop and the Shoreland road. Few towns have isolated rural feeling lanes along the water. The paved path along the channel and below the cemeteries is just damned beautiful. It's even has lights. Use it. 


Anonymous said...

very beautiful pics. It makes our city look like utopia.. We rode out to the state park today and I biked over a "BIG" (in my opinion) snake...

Gunnar Berg said...

You're right. Disclaimer: It's all Photoshop. Actually, it's easy to forget, to not see, how beautiful it really is. The swing around Shoreland and back up the channel is really a jewel. A frankly, Oakwood is heaven.

jusvelos said...

thanks gunnar..

looks real quiet and the color is lovely