Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Last 531 Heron Road

I bought this frame from Sheldon Brown at Harris Cyclery. Somewhere along the line Chris Kvale repainted it. Tim Chesterman has always thought it was the bee's knees, so he's gonna get it. With the intent of selling it as a fork and frame, I stripped the headset and bb for my McLean, the stem for Ad's Goodrich, the seat for my Mooney and the wheelset for the Coldnago. Eventually it got down to the fork, frame, rack and fenders. Now I'm pulling parts together to get it roadworthy again.

This afternoon we going to Winona to celebrate the marriage of Tim and Caroline Privet.


Anonymous said...

that's sweet. I'd definitely rock that on the club ride.


Anonymous said...

also sorry for previous straw herrings.

and red men.

Gunnar Berg said...

Straw men and red herring are expected. I have some reservations about straw herrings and red men. One has to maintain some standards.