Monday, May 24, 2010

Heat, Humidity and Age

It's 4:30 and it's 92 degrees right now and extremely humid, probably a record for the date. This morning I rode the Colnago uptown for a little breakfast - hot, sticky and windy. When I returned to Oakwood I swung around the long way. My neighbor, Bill Kepple was just pulling in to his driveway so I stopped to say hello. Bill is a very fit 85 year old man. He was returning from a two hour tennis match. I asked how it went. He grinned and said, "You know how it is with these young guys, I eventually wore him down."


Silk Hope said...

Lets see 92 and humid. Was it calm...any roll clouds?

If so head for the basement!

Gunnar Berg said...

More of the same for the next three or four days. Chance of thunderstorms late in the afternoons. Good seeds to grow big tormadoes

Silk Hope said...

I love that feeling of the hair on the back of your neck going straight up. Oh yes and the animals and birds going dead silent.

Gunnar Berg said...

And the wind going dead calm.

Come on Ma, let's git to the cellar!