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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Terry Folie

Terry Folie died on a Harley road trip visiting his son in Alabama. I knew Terry as a child until he died at 59. A good, kind soul, we shared a few beers here in Oakwood last summer. I had a couple more projects in mind for him this summer. Terry liked to work by bids which were always too cheap, but then he could stop for coffee and visit without the pressure of a clock. Now I'll have to find another man who can fix or build anything, and do it with grace and class. He left behind a family that he loved more than life itself.

Let us now praise the carpenter and the things that he made
And the way that he lived by the tools of his trade
I can still hear his hammer singing ten penny time
Working by the hour till the day he died

Oh, he was tough as a crowbar, quick as a chisel
Fair as a plane and true as a level
He was straight as a chalkline and right as a rule
He was square with the world he took good care of his tools


Mimbres Man said...

Touching...R.I.P. Terry

Margadant said...

The world is always poorer when a skilled artisan steps into the shade.