Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dear Abby, re: Rev. Dick's Black Cat


You know I am starting to hate your blog..... (tongue in cheek).  Ever since I got off the list and started reading 1410, the rev and Mimbres man my whole ethos has changed.

Damn you Gunnar.  Now I have Colnagos, Masi's and Paramounts hanging in the rafters collecting dust.  I used to think they were the coolest thing going but if a frame doesn't have a Brooks (carved up) saddle, knobbie tires and mud on it, I won't even give it a second glance.  Now I admire my 1990 G. Fisher more than all of them.  Your Hybrid winterized Coldnago has become a holy grail.  Is there a cure for this sudden addiction.  I am now a sick man and need to go to Rehab.

What is an old roadie to do?
Maybe you can post on your blog and I can get some sound advice.

Jack (mud on the tracks) Gabus, "Echelon 133"


Anonymous said...

so do we get to hear the story of the green bike with the buzzard-puke yellow mismatched fork?

actually that bike is right up my alley. That fork, I'm just guessing here, is either from a Chris Chance bike or is custom made by Rick Hunter? Anyway, that's a bike you can get some real use out of.


Gunnar Berg said...

The Rev can jump in here, but I believe this was a bike custom built and painted to his specifications by Todd Ingermanson at Black Cat Bicycles. If the fork is mismatched buzzard-puke it's because that's what he wanted.


Silk Hope said...


I see you have boned up your bicycle acumen, as in the old chris chance "Slim Chance"

But as Gunnar has informed me these frames are made in Santa Cruz by a one man shop known as Black Cat Bicycles. todd has some good stuff.


Silk Hope said...

Buzzard puke? Perfect name for the Reverend's fork

Anonymous said...


I want one!


Mimbres Man said...

Nice! Three waterbottle mounts! A real offroad rig. That's a prerequisite for any serious desert riding.
Sexy seat stays. Sweet rig for sure!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and also...the Chance Big One Inch forks always had curved blades...never straight blades.

Rick Moffat

Silk Hope said...

The metamorphosis is continuing. Todd sent a build sheet. Nice guy.

And Rick you are correct. That was one that got away. When I saw that frame at I.Martin in 1990 I should have bought it. The "Slim Chance" graphics were way cool.


Gunnar Berg said...

I checked out Todd's build sheet, like picking out your own Christmas present.

blackcatbicycles said...

nice name by the way- my grandpa's name too. it's really the only reason i want to have kids, to pass my grandpa's kick ass name down.

be careful of those black cats. that guy is a hack. just ask around.

the fork is a hunter fork left over from the rev's last black cat cross bike. indeed, a really nice design. (the fork)

that bike turned out (i think) pretty nice. the rev is always looking for ***the perfect bike***. i hope he finds it one day.

Anonymous said...

ahem . . . please reference my first post, gentleman, as to fork's origin . . .


Gunnar Berg said...

You get a number of bonus points for spotting that Hunter fork. Amazing.

Gunnar Berg said...

Jacques Gabus,
Can you really afford another ride with that new old Alex Singer staring you in the pocket book? Damn, that'll be a fun project!

reverend dick said...

I believe the fork is 80's Volvo Gold in color. Or laydowninthegrasstoavoidtheranger yellow. As you prefer.

Todd and Rick make nice bike thing. I lik bikes that are awesome.