Saturday, May 15, 2010

News from Bangkok

Snipped from a note from my daughter today:

"Thanks for offering to buy me a ticket, but I think for right now, I will take a pass, but I might feel differently at some point.  I am still out of harms way in sleepy Saphan Kwai. So far there hasn't really been any mass-exodus from Bangkok. I know that the US Embassy is evacuating staff which makes it sound scary, but the embassy is right near the sight so they could potentially be in an unsafe situation. But really, aside from the "danger areas" life is going on as normal. I worked today at St.Stephen's School and then went to a Mall near my neighborhood and watched Robin Hood. Things are probably going to be crazy in the protest sites tonight, but it should be no problem if one stays away. My plan is to hangout in my apartment the next few days, watch movies, and follow the news. If things haven't calmed down in a week and the situation continues to escalate I may want to leave. There are many expat teachers living in Bangkok, and so far I haven't heard that any of them are thinking about leaving."


Margadant said...

Why is it that kids have that ability to make you shudder and feel proud at the same time?

Echelon 133 said...

Ditto. Remember Margadant when you thought you were bullit proof.


Gunnar Berg said...

Actually Addy is quite prudent.