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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Amy's Apartment

Addy has been visiting her lifelong friend Amy over the weekend in St.Paul and helping her get settled in her new apartment. I took a bicycle, a bed frame, desk chair and some miscellaneous up, shared a meal with Amy at D'Amico's on Grand Avenue, and brought Addy back (after two stops with relatives along the way ). Amy, my soul daughter, has a corner unit in a 1920s vintage apartment with one balcony facing the street and another one overlooking a lush green courtyard. This building is on Portland, only one block north of the Summit Avenue of F.Scott Fitzgerald. One time Addy mentioned she missed the green of the Twin Cities. This is nice. It is not expensive. It is within an easy walk of excellent restaurants. It is a civilized way to live.


Margadant said...

And within walking distance of one of my favorite old watering holes, the bar at the Commodore Hotel. Is that old art deco bar still serving the thirsty public?

Doug said...

Before moving to Duluth, we were renting not far from there. Just a little south of Grand. About five blocks from D'Amico's. The rental was an old servants quarters attached to an early 20th century house. I miss that lifestyle and area at times. There was more good restaurants within walking distance than in all of Duluth/Superior.

Gunnar Berg said...

It's still "The Commodore", but it's been condos for 30 years. The home of F.Scott Fitzgerald, Sinclair Lewis has been condo-ized. I believe it belongs to the St.Paul Club. I sneer, but of course I'd be a member and live there myself in a heartbeat if I could.