Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dorothy Kaasa

Over the past 40 years I have adopted Lorna's family as my own, and I have mourned as the older and wiser inevitably slipped away. Lorna's mother and her aunt Edna, two of the finest women I have ever known, died shortly after we were married. The men, being the weaker sex, have long been gone. Aunt Dorothy is the last tree standing. Dorothy was possibly the first regular follower of this blog. When my language or subject material has drifted, I remind myself of the Dorothy Test. Now Dorothy is not a prude nor naive. Over the years she has seen or heard almost everything, but it's a good thing for all of us to have a litmus test, a what would Dorothy think benchmark? My benchmark is in Immanuel St. Joseph's, Room 3611 right now, fighting pneumonia. Here's to Aunt Dorothy getting back to her apartment.soon. Be well, Dodo.


Lorna Berg said...

Dor and Bud, her husband were substitute parents for me and my siblings since we lost our parents so young. (We were orphaned @30years of age.) They were gracious hosts for our family and great conversationalist. Dor is sharp as a tack even in the hospital setting. When I said I was going to retire this year, she said, "Are you sure that you won't pull the Favre thing again."

Justine Valinotti said...

I hope Dorothy gets out of the hospital soon. Our families are the people who sustain us, and losing any of them is difficult.