Saturday, October 16, 2010

C.Wonderland @ SXSW

Nephew Chris and Meg recently attended the Austin music party for the third year.  Before they left I was looking at the schedule of a whole bunch of contemporary groups I'd never heard of ( "Popular culture no longer applies to me" ). Carolyn Wonderland's name jumped out at me. Of course I asked if they were going to see her show. They weren't familiar with HER, and I suspect they don't value duffer recommendations very highly, so they saw someone else instead. ??? Bummer. Maybe what they heard moved them more anyway. What they missed, Carolyn playing a little guitar and singing her own song, Judgement Day Blues:


Anonymous said...

Saw Carolyn last month at the Fort Worth Jazz on the Boulevard concerts. I thought Janice was back from the dead as I approached the stage. Very small crowd but that did not deter her from an absolutely stunning set. Thanks for the reminder.

Gunnar Berg said...

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