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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Any Thoughts?... Now Paint Colors

On the Future of Bicycling posting below there are 32 comments. And counting.  On Facebook, Barin's buddy Bruce Hodson asked for recommendations for a derailleur with 28 tooth capacity. So far there have been 22 comments. People have opinions.

When I mentioned I might paint my potential future bike black, resident wag, Jack made a quip about black paint and Henry Ford. Nay, not Ford, Motobecane Grand Record. I like the black and red, but the seat tube would have a single red panel, not two small ones, and sans (french word) the gold lug lining. I think a black or near black accentuates the bling factor of the aluminum components and fenders. The one pictured here belongs to David Barnblatt (thanks Dave).

My Kvalebecane would have a black seat and bars because I already have the seat. Also the wheelset I've set aside is a red rimmed Mavic with Campy Tippo hubs. So, squint hard and picture it with a French chainguard over a single crank-ring, smaller front rack mounted off the canti brakes and minus the rear rack. Maybe the bars up an inch. And of course a larger frame would also change the dynamics, the visual feel,  some. Oh.............and of course, one Suntour bar-end shifter on the right side. Or ....maybe dark blue?


reverend dick said...

ANYTHING but blue.

Silk Hope said...

I guess the keep it simple stupid method does not apply here.

Gunnar Berg said...

I was thinking gloss black because I doesn't show dirt.

Silk Hope said...

Keeping with the Henry Ford theme are you?

Silk Hope said...

My favorite colors are Singer blue and my pearlescent pink Look Tdf Once frame. something to work with I guess.