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Saturday, October 9, 2010

My First Lover

No reason to post this other than I just heard a cute, chubby amateur girl sing it on T.V., accompanied by her long-haired boyfriend playing rudimentary guitar. It was a valiant, even courageous effort ... which completely missed the minor key sound and tight harmonies. I get the feeling that this may not be an entry level tune to try out on the local telethon, or whatever it was. Or at least it wasn't in their case, but then again, when it was over they seemed quite pleased.


Anonymous said...

last week I had another good "race" against the local amateurs. I worked my way up through the field quite impressively, but didn't participate in the final sprint because, you know, I just couldn't be bothered to fight for scraps with such low-grade competition. Cancellara was not there, but I was still pleased.


Gunnar Berg said...

Aye. Three days ago I did a ride with my 25 year old daughter who doesn't even bicycle regularly, but runs and swims ever day. She dropped me like a bad habit. There wasn't a sprint. You could have measured her gap by the hands on the townhall clock. Nevertheless, I was pleased.

Doug said...

I love Gillian...haven't seen her live yet....but would like to. She doesn't get to Duluth often. Actually she never gets to Duluth.

Gunnar Berg said...

Actually almost nobody ever gets to Duluth 'cept during the blues festival. But then nobody EVER comes to A.L. Mostly.