Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Linda Hargrove

What do they all have in common? She's gone too. This one is a little eerie. I was digging through the old LPs and she was there. I went looking for something to post on YouTube. The first one that popped up was this. Reading the comments I realized she had just died. On Sunday. Two days ago! The song was written by Linda and Susan Hargrove. I have no idea what's going on with the video. I'm certain it's personal for someone.

Mem'ries I think I've got enough to leave a few behind
Oh mem'ries they used to make me warm but now I find
Mem'ries only make me feel old before my time

A sign of old age; I enjoy seeing the kids in the video with clear, clean bodies unsullied by tattoos. And besides, how often in a lifetime does one get a chance to use the word "unsullied"? And it seems there are fewer and fewer unsullied things as popular culture marches us onward.


Margadant said...

While I am generally a fan of sullied, I agree with you about most tattoos. I've often thought about setting up as a consultant on what constitutes an erotic tattoo on the young nubile.

Gunnar Berg said...

Your affection for "sullied" is probably some of your old courtroom demeanor and tactics rising to the surface. (Okay guys you gotta picture 6'3", 275 pounds of Mr. Margadant in his typical court attire, a western-cut vested black suit, string-tie and black Justin boots.) "I ask you, Mr. Underfoot, isn't it a fact that on three separate occasions you sullied Miss Finebody's reputation with your inappropriate actions?"