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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mexican Lovesongs

One more from the recently deceased Linda Hargrove and then we'll let her rest in peace. It's tough to narrow it down because she wrote so many songs that were hits for others, for instance George Jones - Tennessee Whiskey ,and probably my favorite I Never Loved Anyone More by Lynn Anderson, but I like Linda's version better. She could sing circles around Lynn Anderson, but she probably didn't package as well at the time. Linda Hargrove was not some obscure, lost artist. She was a singer, songwriter, record producer, made commercials, even played session guitar for people like ol' Waylon. She could really play. Later she also recorded gospel as Linda Bartholomew, her married name. I like this one because you just know she wrote this whole song around the phrase "they could hear him snorin' in Sonora".

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