Monday, October 18, 2010


The Interstate Power brick smokestack
Addy took the garden picture last week. I love the old bricks. The path is the very heart of my perennial garden. The late Joe Koevnig used to live next door. He was a supervisor at Interstate Power. When the stack was knocked down he used some of the bricks for a walkway down to his house. Lorna's sister and her husband eventually bought the house for a weekend retreat. I came into possession of the bricks when they "upgraded" their walkway. They have more bricks paving an unused patio. They don't seem ready to part with them, but I covet them. I'm going to expand the garden down to the lake next year and I'll be forced to have a grass pathway. How many bricks were in that tower? Thousands, hundreds of thousands? A million bricks? I suppose the rest of them are in a landfill somewhere. Couldn't I make some paths and steps with that many bricks? I could lay down the damned Appian Way of garden paths with a million bricks! 

The brick garden path at 1410 Oakwood

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