Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Home Alone

Addy left for Bangkok this morning, and Lorna and her two younger sisters flew out to L.A. to see the oldest sister. Add was up late into the night, pacing off nervous cat energy. She left a set of additional pictures in my camera, a series from our deck of the moon slowly setting over South Edgewater Bay.

Moonset - the Yard Light
As we only have one vehicle now I'm biking it 'til Lorna returns. Not today though. The wind is blowing out of the Dakotas at 30 mph, gusting to 45. It's still 68 degrees but it's not good bikin' weather. Calm tomorrow.


Margadant said...

But for the casino on yon' shore, you'd be lonesome as hell. But, with calm weather in the offing, the ride to and from the Elbow Room will compensate for those damnably delicious burgers. If not a plus, it's an zero sum game at this point.

Gunnar Berg said...

That's Bill & Kay Haye's house. 9000 sq feet of excessive consumption. One would have to assume they are afraid of the dark as it's usually lit up like that all night. ???

Elbow Room? Oooooo, maybe tomorrow. I have to pace myself a little with their burgers or they would be enlarging my doorways and carting me to the hospital on a flatbed truck.