Saturday, April 28, 2012

On Brett- and Food

It's one of those places where the cook takes your order. Cook? Brett has been a chef in some find dining restaurants. No listings on a board or menu - he gives you half a dozen options. Lorna said she thought the pita sounded good. Brett mumbled, "It isn't what I would order." So she said, "Okay, I'll have the turkey sandwich." "I wouldn't order that either." Lorna, getting a little exasperated, "Well, what would you order?" "I'd order the meatloaf." Meatloaf? Meatloaf at 2:00? She gave in. My turn. I ain't stupid, I went directly to the meatloaf. That has to be the most sophisticated meatloaf dinners I've ever eaten, even the presentation on large white oval plates - herbal mashed potatoes with a little bacon, covered by thin slices of meatloaf laced with herbs and spices and "stuff" poured over the whole pile, flanked on both sides by wonderful onion based stir-fried vegetables. We finished with one of Brett's black cherry creme puffs, which we split. Brett kind of winged the price when we were done. "Two meatloafs, two cups of coffee, one pastry. Aw, it was the end of the meatloaf. How about 20 bucks." Twenty dollars, and we ate the boxed take homes last night for supper. The lesson? Always eat what Brett tells you too. If you recognize what he's doing for you, I honestly believe he would give you the food.

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