Thursday, April 19, 2012

Leon Russell

Great voice, great songwriter, great piano player. How on God's green earth could his man drop off our radar for so long?

Lorna just mentioned that the early Leon Russell reminds her of my younger brother Kirby. He certainly does. Unfortunately, Kirby died at 30, so we'll never know if he would have looked like the old Leon. He was special, I'd like to think so. 


Silk Hope said...

Saw him at the pit in High School (Albuquerque). I was stoned out of my mind.

reverend dick said...

Since Hank's Back, Mr. Russell has not left my screen.

I refer you to the youtubes of Willie's '74 4th of July picnic for more.

Gunnar Berg said...

Thanks. I have the Hanks Back LP, and I am familiar with Willie's piano player. When I said "our radar" I meant the world. He was playing small VFW clubs when Elton John found him and they recorded the Union CD.