Oakwood owl counting
pilgrims at the Stryx end gate,
"Whooo passes this night?"

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Levon Helm

For Fritz and Jack.


George A said...

Of all the music you've posted over the short time I've been a follower, this piece speaks to me the loudest. So called "high roller" casino gamblers and self absorbed stock traders may think that they're serious gamblers but none of them put a patch on farmers. Farmers borrow tens of thousands of dollars, using their family land as collateral and turn around and sink that money in the dirt each spring in the eternal hope that rain comes at the right time to insure that most of us who no longer hunt or gather have food to put on the table. The rain comes late or too heavy and the farmer doesn't even get his seed back.

Silk Hope said...

I don't know whether you were referring to me but still the best concert ever. What a cast of characters on one stage.

George A said...

Silk: Are you an old dirt farmer? I grew up on a small farm in Pennsylvania. Somewhere out in a box in the garage I still have The Band's album. Great music. Seldom gets the air time it deserves. I suspect we'll hear those old songs again for a few days.

Gunnar Berg said...

George, No, Mr.Hope is a high rolling, self absorbed stock trader. ;-)

George A said...

My apologies to Silk, but I still maintain that small farmers routinely expose themselves to large financial risks for relatively small rewards; risks that most others studiously avoid. Yes, part of their reward is tied up in a lifestyle choice that they enjoy, but come supper time most peeps are probably glad somebody still likes life on the farm!