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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Important Safety Tip:

It's the front end that bites.

So this guy walks into a bar ... 

The other day when I was killing time in the Lanesboro Pub, there was typical cross section of small town guys - a few duffers, a couple of serious drinkers, the long-haired kid in full camo - even down to a t-shirt. Not sure about that camo look. It seems to be a sub-culture statement that I really don't get. There was also one "normal" looking guy (other than myself), except he had a coiled snake on his baseball cap. We talked some. John Pieper claims that Lanesboro has to have the highest percentage of advanced degrees in the world. Of course John is generally full of bull, but he has a point. There are people who's jobs allow them to live anywhere they chose. I found another one. Eric is a "snake guy", a book dealer who sells obscure natural history books, particularly those related to snakes and reptiles.

He sent me these pictures of his children at play.

And yes, that second one is a rattlesnake.


reverend dick said...


While I respect his laissez faire approach to parenting, snapping turtles are not only disgusting, parasitic, and smelly, but they are SCARY.

George A said...

Can you say "Darwin Award"?

Silk Hope said...

There for a moment I thought I was on the "Revs" blog. Then I saw the faces were not blacked out. I knew I was ok then.