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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ellis Cycles - Dave Wages

Here's a couple examples of Dave's work. Dave worked for Serotta and then Waterford before opening his own shop, Ellis Cycles. He's been winning awards ever since.

It just doesn't get much better than Dave's work. I think the first one I was aware of was the gorgeous blue and white bike that he built for occasional 1410 commenter Doug Robertson of Duluth. A fine bike.


Doug said...

Isn't that green frame with the polished stainless lugs and fork crown gorgeous?!!

I'd like to add that Dave is a heck of a nice guy as well.

And don't forget to credit Jason Sanchez for his incredible paint. Jason has painted all the Ellis frames to date.

Mimbres Man said...

Very nice!

Tom G. said...

Wow. Gorgeous work. I need to find more Ellis pics on line now. There goes the next hour.

Anonymous said...

The Ellis "Dirt Road Bike", (see Dave Wage's blog) is on my my very short list of candidates for my next bike. What would push it out to the indefinite future is my strong feeling that I want a bike from Steve Garro first.


Rick M.

reverend dick said...

The recessed integrated barrel adjusters on the mint headtube?

I wanna party with him.

Silk Hope said...

I am really jonesing for a Cyclocross bike. I think he'd be the guy.

Kurt said...

"..gorgeous blue and white bike that he built for occasional 1410 commenter". Could that be the ghost bike of the famous dead singer whose name rhymes with ellis.

Gunnar Berg said...

Nay. That is a Chris Kvale. 1410 does not own an Eliis.

Masini said...

I'll second Doug. Dave was the nicest guy I happened across when I made it to NAHBS. And the precision of those deep colors and crisp lines! If only the Italians could do it like this!