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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Window Framing and Knee Nailing

This week I framed the door and windows. The window sashes are actually installed backwards, that is, the glazing putty, such that it is, is in the interior not exterior. The frame and the guts of the side jambs need a complete overhaul and I thought I'd re-putty and flip the sash around when I did the refurbishing. But now I find I like the stained and weathered look of the sash. I think I'll leave it and maybe just paint the new wood. Someday.  

After I got done I realized I really needed sash lifts so I stopped off at Tom Furleman to pick up three of them. Tom glazes windows, sharpens saws and sells "miscellaneous". He must love it because he can't possibly make a living from it - hell, I'll bet it's a stretch to break even. Part of his miscellaneous are old hinges, latches, pulls and hardware.

Tom wasn't there. He has a guy, kind of a general handyman, who helps and fills in now and then. Nice fella, in a scruffy beard/Harley bandana sort of way. I don't actually know his name. I call him "Man", he calls me "Sir". I asked if he had three old, solid steel sash pulls. He said he did and hobbled back to the junk drawers to find them and count out screws from the rusty screw jar. "How much? Oh, how about two bucks for the lot." As I was digging out a five, following him up to the cash register , I couldn't help but notice he was really hurting. "Hey Man, what the hell did you do to your leg?" 

"Last week I was shingling - on that windy day? I was on my knees and the wind caught me and kinda straightened me up. I leaned forward so I wouldn't fall backwards off the roof. I had the damned nail-gun in my right hand - 2" roofing nails, and as I fell forward I hit my left knee - KaBAM! Damn, I had my finger on the trigger. I drove that 2"er right through my knee. Man that hurt. I dragged myself across the roof, down to the ladder. That nail went right through the joint - nailed my knee bent ya know. I couldn't get on the ladder. Sat up there for a while trying to figure out what to do. Finally I closed my eyes and forced my leg straight. Hurt so much I screamed. But I had to get off the roof ya know. I had surgery the next day - it smashed everything. I got two holes, one from the surgery and the other one, the one where the nail went in, is open so it can drain. They say I won't be able to kneel or squat again. I think my shingling days might be over. Here's your change."  


Oldfool said...

To good to be made up.
I know a bunch of stories like that and they are true but sound so made up I won't tell them.

Gunnar Berg said...

Are you implying that I made that up? ;-) If I could make up stuff like that I'd be a writer.

Silk Hope said...

Hey bone head? Were you shingling or do you have the shingles. The Job you were doing on the roof we call the widow maker. Stay off the roof and stay on your bike.

Gunnar Berg said...

Read again. I was not the man shingling. I didn't even shingle the Growlery. I know my limits.