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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


A couple of days ago the Lighthouse Keeper poached a bottle of the Judge's French wine and stopped over to talk smart. The three of us killed the bottle in short order. (Sweet Carolyn was staying with her parents.) There was a lull and I fetched the cordial glasses and an Aquavit from the freezer. I had three choices, but it seemed like a good time to try the Krogstad, an American entry into the world of Nordic liquors. I received it as a gift from A23 and had been saving it for such an occasion to share with a fellow connoisseur of kerosene. For the unschooled, Aquavit or Akvavit is really a highly refined vodka with herbal favorings - caraway, dill, cumin, anise, etc. It is served at freezer temperature in stemmed shot glasses to keep it cool. It is about 80 proof so you have to treat it with respect. Some, like the Judge, won't drink it at all because, as he says, "it makes people crazy". So, what do we have to lose?

My rankings:
  1. Aalborg Jubilaeums (Denmark) Very good, but is hard to find, as apparently the main favoring ingredient is Unobtaina Berries.
  2. Linie (Norway) Aged on ships. Over the equator twice. The ship's name will be on the inside of the label. A gimmick for 200 years?
  3. O.E. Anderson (Sweden) Lingen berry flavoring?
  4. Krogstad (Oregon) Probably not available in the Midwest. Good but a little heavy-handed. Very strong anise/licorice flavor, almost Ouzo. Described by Tim as "What you'd expect from an American distiller. If some favoring is good, twice would be even better." I still quite like it. Maybe could be number three.
  5. Aalborg Taffel (Denmark) The one that gave Akvavit it's bad name. Prior to Taffel it called "Akvagodt". But that was back in 1846.


E said...

Ja, the Linie is good. You should try to get your hands on some Skåne too. Very mild and complements food nicely.

Gunnar Berg said...

Am I correct in assuming you are Norwegian? It would help explain your taste. My Grandpa Berg was born in a village out of Aalborg. I'm certain that colors my preferences.
(My wife has worn black on Syttende Mai. A dark day for the Danes ;-)

E said...

Close! Swedish, but spent a lot of time in Norway, mostly working in bars..Thanks for a great blog!