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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Old Toads

This is a little weird. I was checking the Toad's blog to see if he wrote anything. Naw, he has good intentions, but he never actually writes down any of his heavy thoughts. I love toads, particularly the large wizen looking ones. They always remind me of my grandfather, the late, great N.C. Berg. I like the picture (that's me on his head), but the copy was from an email that I sent to Todd. So I'm quoting Todd, who was quoting me. I'm not sure about the quotation marks?

"I was thinking about a nice toad or two to sit on the flat rock I propped on the edge of my "water feature" to give the birds and critters access. For years my namesake grandfather had a large toad he dubbed Molly. Molly? Anyway they had a dripping outdoor faucet beneath their bedroom window. The enormous toad would sit under it to stay cool. Grandma said she went to sleep to the thump... thump...thump of the waterdrops hitting the big toad on the back. Grandpa would pick up the old toad in the morning and take it out to the garden while he worked. He hoed; the old toad ate slugs. When he was done he'd pick it up and drop it off under the tap on his way to the kitchen."

Don't get a chance to use "wizen" very often.


Old Toad said...

The Old Toad was quoting the Old Gunnar in this case. And the little wizen toad in the pic is definitely you looking your toadly best while atop your even wizener grampa N.C.

Old Toad said...

P.S. The Old Toad hasn't had any "heavy thoughts" to write down in his blog (leaving Gunnar to write the heavy stuff and post videos of sad songs).

It is a real joy to know a man who professes his love for toads and shares pictures of the large wizen ones on his blog for the world to see.