Tuesday, October 13, 2009

for Anymouse 5:25

1986 Peter Mooney
More pics and info here. The bags are French, by Gilles Berthoud. Actually they'e made by Veronique Durrant, but Berthoud sells them. The Japanese seem to be fans of all things French. These are Honjo copies of Lefol fenders - better than the originals. Head and tail lights are vintage 1950s Luxors!


Justine Nicholas Valinotti said...

Oooh baby. The gray bags are perfect with the color of the bike.

Gunnar Berg said...

Everyone thinks their bicycles are beautiful. Those bias's aside, this is one gorgeous machine, even more so than shows in the photos. The smoky blue green really plays off the leathers and chrome and the inpainting on the components really makes it sing. Hmmmmm.

Filigree said...

That is one beautiful bicycle. I think I saw photos of it on the VO site as well? Peter Mooney is the best American framebuilder, in my opinion, as well as a very nice person. Sadly, I cannot afford one of his bikes at this stage of my life. There is a vintage frame of his for sale in my size that I was considering, but then I learned it doesn't have fender clearance.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful bicycle, and I too like the Berthoud bags.

Gunnar Berg said...

Yes, it was on the V.O. site - twice actually; once when it was still all chrome.

I respect your opinion of Peter Mooney. I have posted a couple of my favorite builders.