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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dakota Backcountry

My friend and sometimes commenter on this blog, Jim Margadant, finally gave in to the pressure and started his own blog yesterday. He is intelligent, insightful and full of bullshit - perfect blogging tools. As the title, Dakota Backcountry, would indicate I would expect it is going to be weighted toward the outdoors, that and the fact that part of this is being driven by his position as Regional Conservation Organizer for the Sierra Club. I'm not certain exactly what he does, but it seems to involve a lot of driving around in pickup trucks and hanging out in coffee shops - please keep in mind the bullshit factor. Give him a look if you have a little extra time. And you do... you're reading this for Chrissake. Next, we'll try to get Dexter to go public with his bullshit.

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