Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Huge Squeeze box Throwdown II

Squeeze Box I was posted to mixed reviews, up to being requested to permanently delete the posting so they wouldn't stumble on it by mistake. Tasteless, lowlife miscreants! I suppose it's only fair to explain the accordions. I live in a small town with a noticeable Mexican population, some of which goes back to the 1930s. And some of which I'm related to. Across the lake from where I live is a park with a bandshell. There's less now, but when we first moved here the Sunday afternoon air was filled with norteno music from the local conjunto bands. Accordions! After being forced to listen to it, it kinda grew on me. Then I found that there was a whole accordion world out there and an instrument that could be sooo bad on Lawrence Welk could be wonderful. It's a close call , but the panel has selected Joel Guzman as the winner of this week's big prize, with Clifton Chenier a close second. As always, a tough call.


Margadant said...

I'm still trying if you're on to something here, or whether you've just come across three exceptions that prove the rule.

Gunnar Berg said...

Naw. Just listen to anything by Esteban Jordan. Oh, yeah. Or Chenier.