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Friday, October 30, 2009

Ralph Steadman

The old Gonzo is still in there fighting the good fight.

"Mr. Steadman has generously donated 50 limited edition prints of his PLAGUE DEMON to Moonflower Productions International. ALL proceeds from the sale of these prints will benefit the first-ever U.S. production of PLAGUE and the MOONflower, the new-century revision of the acclaimed eco-oratorio penned by Mr. Steadman in 1989, with music composed by Richard Harvey. Presented with the projection of Steadman’s vivid paintings, PLAGUE and the MOONflower illuminates the hapless waste and destruction we fuel with apathy while a sustainable Earth fades from the futures of our children.

THE TIME IS RIGHT for this new-century revision of PLAGUE and the MOONflower to come to the United States, as the prospect of a dying planet thrusts both despair and inspiration upon us, more and more each day." Learn more

The Plague Demon

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