Oakwood owl counting
pilgrims at the Stryx end gate,
"Whooo passes this night?"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Message for Allan Pollock


roughterrain crane said...

How many miles do you ride in one day ? Now sweet osmanthus is in full bloom. Nice season for outdoor sports.

Gunnar Berg said...

This year I've been a slacker, not riding nearly as much as I would like or should. A little bit doing errands and such. If I go on a more formal ride, about 30 miles, down from the 50 or 60 I did when I was younger. The weather here has been windy and rainy in the low 30s recently, not a typical year. We could still get crisp, sunny clear days before the hell starts.

Anonymous said...

that's perfect, Gunnar.


Gunnar Berg said...

Good. I own it now.