Thursday, October 15, 2009

L'Eroica 2009

I like the old riders speaking different languages, talking about their wonderful old bicycles. A couple days in the saddle interspersed with good food and wine shared with over 2000 old dudes on old bicycles. With the wisdom of age, most of them savoring the experience, in no hurry to get to the end. What could be grander than that? Maybe someday.


Gerard van Dongen said...

Nice indeed but remember. The 205 km L'Eroica is not just a fun ride drinking wine.
The 205 is a very hard bbike trip only for strong riders.
Even the 140 is a big challenge.
And the 75 (most of the above footage is shot there) is even for untrained people a daytrip.
But L’Eroica is a great bikeevent. Great people, lovely bike, scenery is beautiful bust it’s a tuff job.
On my weblog al lot of photo;s from 2008 and 2009 edition.

Gunnar Berg said...

Good points. I didn't mean to imply it was easy. I doubt many casual riders are going to travel that far for a ride in the park. What strikes me is it looks an awful like the gravel back roads I grew up riding, though the hills are longer. Around here they can be very steep, but not long pulls.

Gunnar Berg said...

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