Thursday, October 8, 2009

Traditional English Touring

Dave Sears, a reader from England (how the hell does that happen?), sent these old film clips of traditional English touring. I thought that Mark Stonich, Alan Wenker and any other English 3-speeders would enjoy it - or any Freds with a more refined sensibility. (Where do you suppose they came up with the doodlie-doo background music in all those 50s film shorts? Did somebody actually select that style on purpose? Did musical kids grow up aspiring to get into the doodlie music field?)


Margadant said...

Looks to me like fun. Especially, a couple of the Doris'. But, I'm biased in favor of a culture that says,"mend a puncture," rather than "fix a flat."

Gunnar Berg said...

Yep, that petite blonde Doris was pretty darned cute in her little cycling togs.

Alan said...

The "cyclist touring commission" somehow determined that rubber coated hooks were the way to go.

"A cycle tour without a map is like new potatoes without mint."

Gunnar, register for the 2010 Lake Pepin tour, then find some wheels - great fun.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a civil and social event. Having the ability to cycle to a train, bikes treated respectfully and cycling on narrow roads are good indicators of cultural norms.

"No exhaust, no horns,..." nice,