Friday, October 30, 2009

The Pines

The acoustical guitar belt runs from Texas north through the Heartland to Minnesota. Or at least it used to, then "unplugged" albums came out and the electrified Coasts rediscovered wood. I don't know how stark country is pigeonholed, but The Pines, out of Minneapolis, are the latest practitioners in a long line of low-key north country bluesmen. Writing about The Pines in Rolling Stone, David Fricke called it, "quietly gripping tension". I would like to say it's nice to have 89.3 The Current, a Public Radio station that regularly features quality live music. Also, the Dakota. gripped...but no toe-tapping please.


Masini said...

Great... I had just finished listening to their 3 cd's this evening, post-ride. Remember, they come out of Iowa... like so many good things!

Gunnar Berg said...

And had the good sense to come out of so many good things!

Masini said...

I resemble that comment!