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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

1410 OakWooD Tree Clean Up

A couple of people requested pictures of the storm toppled tree removal. This one is the Hackberry Celtis occidentalis, the biggest tree that went down. The specs for this species says 40' to 60' with a 50' spread. This old girl had to be at the high end of that. The dappled dark green is all the fallen tree. The gentleman in the foreground is Corey Peterson. He is standing on the fallen trunk as they lift trimmed branches down to a log grinder. The slope of the lot gets steep as it approaches the lake, which required the crane to remove the tree in pieces.

We lost half a dozen trees and branches broken off some of the oaks. Some MASSIVE branches - branches as large as trees. One old soldier, one of the two giants that straddle the north lot line, lost half of his superstructure.  But he's still standing, with one arm raised high and will probably outlive us all. The cost is a kick in the teeth, but don't weep for us. We still have 12 oaks standing, though some a little beat up. And hey ... we gained some more lake view.

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