Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rear Dérailleurs

Thanks to Tony Tambini:

Campagnolo Gran Sport through the 50th Anniversary Super Record

Ofmega, Roto, Galli, Gipiemme (Simplex), and a Karkov from the old Ukraine SSR Karkov Bicycle Factory

Shimano Crane, Shimano Dura Ace EX, 1970's SunTour Superbe, 1980' SunTour Superbe, and a Cambio Rino from Italy

 While Tony may seem a little obsessive by non-bicycle people, believe me, he ain't - I've see John Barron's basement, which is simply glorious. Incidently, if anybody out there has the red version of the earlier posted blue Galli dérailleur, Tony needs one for a project Guerciotti.

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