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Friday, July 16, 2010

Pumps and Dogs

Picture of a bike stand/pump/dog from J.G.  The Dutch do it right. Shouldn't tip over.

Toy Yorkie. My folks had a couple. Cassie had been bred down to an embarrassment of a lapdog, but she was still a terrier with the heart of a hunter. They lived on the shore of a wild lake. To my mother's chagrin the dog hung out with the Old Man, who let her run in the mud and the slime of the slough and chase all the wild critters who offended her. She kept them damned Canada Geese off HER grass and the squirrels up in the trees where they belonged. She spent her days in the cocklebur and brambles, the evenings having them cut out of her silky fur. Most of the summer she had a chopped up version of a buzz cut, what was locally know as a heinie. Cass lived her life with a doggie heinie, not the silky hair of a proper lapdog. But I think she had a more fulfilling life. 


Justine Valinotti said...

Hmm...a doggie rack. That might be an easier sell than a bike rack. Then, after we convince the City Council to build some, we lock our bikes to them. And people could still lash their dogs to them.

Echelon 133 said...


Gunnar led you a stray. The Bike rack won a Europeon award for design. Dutch of course.


Gunnar Berg said...

Design award? There's no damned pressure gauge. Form follows function.

Anonymous said...

pressure gauge?! there's no need. In Holland, everybody's bikes run big fat tires at no more than 50 PSI. so it doesn't matter if you're 10% or 20% off when you pump up the tires.

Allan Pollock

Echelon 133 said...

Com'on Gunnar we don't need no stinking gauge. Real cycling can tell the pressure by just a squeeze of the tire.