Tuesday, July 27, 2010


These are dummy turbines. The actual turbines in the distance are frickin enormous 150 foot towers.

RAGBRAI  is camping tonight 30 miles south of here in Clear Lake, Iowa, home of the Surf Ballroom (and sometime vacation spot for one Jackson Gabus). According to the RAGBRAI blog, the riders noted the miles of wind-farm turbines and the appropriate brutal headwinds. I noticed on the news this evening (and in my back yard) that the heat index today was 103 degrees in Clear Lake. There will be rock 'n roll and some beer consumed tonight! Thankfully it was a relatively short, flat stage, so deaths were kept to a minimum. ;-)


Echelon 133 said...

Hey Gunnar:

There is some marketing going on there. I love the "relativley short and flat stage" comment. It is the flatest route in RAGBRAI history. What a bunch of flat landers. Nephew had surgery today, (he was supposed to be on the ride) we were howling what a bunch of rank amatures! Jason is doing great and all is well.



PS: Want to see a real wind farm? Go to palm springs, ca.

Gunnar Berg said...

I hope he can ride next year.

60 miles. Dead flat. Okay, we'll give them a few "rolling hills".

Masini said...

How I miss RAGBRAI... someday.