Monday, July 19, 2010

Thoughts From a Garden Bench

 ... while smoking a good cigar:

Jim over at Dakota Backcountry is excited by the reintroduction of Red Wolves back into the wild.

Obviously we should be working on saving the red wolf and keeping it's DNA as clean as possible from coyote interlopers. Considering this, I had a couple of thoughts. Technology in some fields is leaping forward at an astounding pace. I speak, for instance, of Neanderthal DNA, which has been isolated. See below and other sources:

We could reintroduce Neanderthals! Is it time we think ahead and set aside Pleistocene Reserves? Parks to be populated with a biota which spans time as well as locale? A Jurassic Park will never be scientifically feasible, but a Pleistocene reserve could happen in our children's lifetime if we chose to. Think about it, a park populated with the beasts of the age, being hunted by our Neander brothers. Or by our N.R.A. friends. They could make a movie about it! And what if Joe Neander wants to live in town instead of a cave? Or use a gun? Or wants his children to go to better schools?

Not making moral judgments, just asking the questions. Think about, an opportunity to exterminate the same species of animals two or three times! 


Johann Rissik said...

Hi there,
No need to set aside a special reserve. These beings are to be found in governments around the world (where they have managed to take care of themselves very nicely, thank you);)
Great blog

Gunnar Berg said...