Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Eva Cassidy

died young.

She died in '96. This is the only taped set there of Eva singing. The horns and background singers were dubbed after she was gone, hence the telescopic camera views. I shouldn't be posting something that is faked ... but it works. She sure couldn't afford a full band when she was alive. Below is more the way it really was. Sometimes you have to die to get noticed.

 This was done shortly before she died of melanoma.

My piano teacher was Miss Viola Johnson. I was not her best pupil.  I recall one recital playing Autumn Leaves so incredibly poorly that an audible gasp of disbelief went up from the audience of parents and grandparents.


Anonymous said...

I love Eva.
Her "Over the Rainbow" is sublime, a real tearjerker.


Gunnar Berg said...

I had posted Rainbow earlier and then pulled it. Now you've forced my hand. Context is everything.

Anonymous said...

What a songbird! Her music is more poignant knowing she is gone. Did she ever make any recordings that we can purchase?